Private Client Group is the most distinctive realty group in Southern California.

Specializing in luxury properties and estates that have been held by the same family for

a period of years and that would result in a high level of capital gains taxes if sold.

In fact, many home owners in this situation do not sell solely due to this tax burden.

Now comes Private Client Group with the purpose of “wealth preservation”

for these homeowners.  Our program allows for “deferred capital gains” on the

sale of your primary residence or second home. Our program has been featured

in news articles in the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register and a personal

interview in and news story in Bloomberg News.  Private Client Group is led by

Stephen Sutherland, a renowned real estate professional with a background as

a leading designer and developer of high-end international resorts, residences,

luxury estates and President of the Property Investment Division for Capital Suisse

Europe.  This combination of real estate development and international finance

makes Stephen the only sensible choice for a transaction of this sensitive caliber.

It’s exactly this singularity that has propelled this company to its premier status,

with an incredible network of worldwide buyers and resources that other agents

and realty companies simply can’t match.



When it comes to the highly-specialized service of “wealth preservation,” homeowners

do not risk working with any real estate agent that does not have the extensive

knowledge of IRS regulations present in Private Client Group.  We are PRIVATE CLIENT GROUP, we mean business!